Singing With Confidence and Ease, A Workshop for Everyone - confront the challenges that have prevented you from pursuing your vocal dreams.  In an atmosphere of safety and respect, we will free up our voices, address vocal blocks, and take away the excuses from singing with freedom and joy.  These methods have proven beneficial to all:  from professional singers to those unable to hold a pitch.  This workshop can be the beginning, leading you to a rewarding vocal study or just a fun afternoon of singing and learning from each other. 

Singing As A Spiritual Practice - the expression of life through singing is a basic joy and the birthright of all.  Through a collaborative process incorporating breathing, toning, relaxation, and individuality, we will design a practice together that works for each participant individually.  Songs from many traditions will be used, call and response, and the opportunity to create your own vocal expression of spirit are all a part of this fun and meaningful singing workshop. 

Second Sopranos Are NOT Second Class Citizens! - this is just one of the workshops I have developed specifically targeting choral singers.  I have led choral retreats, weekend workshops, and shorter workshops to help choral singers participate with more confidence, self-assurance, and vocal quality.  This particular workshop was held with members of the Second Soprano section of the Rhinebeck Choral Club, Rhinebeck, NY.  Let me design a workshop for YOUR group!