Testimonials from Current and Former Students 

"Jackie is an exceptional voice teacher and person.  She has a knack for recognizing worth in every student and for helping each one develop vocal skills at their own pace.  Her music knowledge and coaching abilities are beneficial to all learners - whether beginners or experienced musicians.  As a person, Jackie is warm and caring.  Her positive outlook on life is infectious."

Karen Jacques
Music and Band Teacher, Westchester County (NY) Schools
and mother of two of Jackie's voice students!
"You have been the absolute best teacher I have ever had. No one has made me feel as strong and confident as a singer and musician. Thank you."
Amy Swanson, B.M., Westminster Choir College
Music Teacher, Murphreesboro (TN) Schools
"I have harbored a life-long desire to sing, coupled with a lifelong fear of singing, particularly in public.  At age 55, I began voice lessons with Jackie, and it has been a joyful process.  Her patient coaching, sound vocal techniques, and creative warm-ups and exercises have opened the world of singing to me.  I now sing in a public chorus and learn new songs every few weeks.  I encourage adult beginners everywhere to sing with Jackie!"
Maureen, retired marketing genius, (and GREAT pianist and composer!)
"Jackie takes the best in you and makes it better.  Voice lessons have been such a positive and uplifting experience working with her!"
Dana, forty-something, Utilities Executive
"Jackie makes singing fun and easy to learn.  Without her, my singing would not be so good.  She also helps her many other students improve."
Pamela, age 9, 4th grader at Dutchess Day School
"Jackie, what can I say?  Your voice coaching has made a HUGE difference in my vocal ability and my skills as a professional entertainer.  Before I met you, my voice would be hoarse after a weekend of weddings.  I didn't know what was wrong, I just figured I had a weak voice.
Thanks to you I've discovered a vocal power and range I didn't know I had.  Now I know how to raise my voice to get the attention of a group - without losing it.  Thanks to you, I use inflection and emotion to effectively connect with my audience  Hardly a performance goes by that someone doesn't compliment my voice, "You've got such a great voice!  Are you on the radio?"
The compliments should go to you, Jackie.
You helped me work on my goal improving my speaking voice without trying to make me something I wasn't.  Working with you is fun and has given me confidence.  And it turns out that I can sing too!  (That was a big bonus.)  I would recommend your voice training to anyone wanting to improve their voice in a fun, safe environment - whether professionally or just for fun - with a teacher who is both encouraging and challenging.
You have a real gift!  Thanks for sharing it with me and enabling me to share my voice with others."

Stephanie Padovani, professional disk jockey and mistress of ceremonies
"I think singing is a very fun thing to do.  If I could tell you one thing, it is that you will learn something new at every lesson.  You will get better every lesson too!  Once I started taking lessons with Jackie I knew that I would end up being a great singer."

Lexi, age 10, 5th grader at Beekman Elementary, NY
"I love working with Jackie, I'm so relaxed when I'm here after a long day at school.  I've gotten into much better parts since I started studying with her.  I don't know how to explain how amazing this is.  Come and you'll see!"

Lauren, age 13, 8th grader at Union Vale Middle School, NY
"Whenever I come to singing lessons, I know I'm going to be safe and surrounded with love.  Jackie is a great teacher and friend."

Olivia, age 14, freshman at FDR High School, Hyde Park, NY
"Jackie is the best teacher to work with and if you work her you will love her!"
Mallory, age 12, eighth grader