• Art Song Central : Art Song Central offers PDF files of public domain sheet music for singers, with a focus on the "standard repertoire" that is used in classical voice studies. There are also folk songs, sacred music and others. This is a magnificent resource, and it's free! You can download right from the site and print out your music immediately. Excellent and comprehensive. Highly recommended!!
  • Flowing Fountain Presentations : This is a website for my workshops, seminars, classes, and concerts. I have a whole portfolio of opportunities for you to work with me. Musical workshops, self help and wellness, songwriting, and more!
  • Hudson Valley Music : This is a terrific resource for music and musical happenings in the Hudson Valley. It has calendar listings of musical events, resources for singers and musicians, artists information and more! Best information in the area.
  • IPA Now : IPANow! by PhoneticSoft is a one-of-a-kind software application that automatically transcribes Latin, Italian, German and French texts into International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) symbols by applying rules utilized by scholarly lyric diction textbooks. It is a fantastic resource for singers that provides instant IPA transcription without spending hours doing it by hand like I did back in the day, before computers and software like this were available. For about $20, you're on your way!
  • Music Dispatch : This is another great site to order music and music books. Many of the music books have accompaniment CDs with them. This is a quite varied site with lots of choices. Enjoy browsing!
  • SummerSongs : This is a music camp and community for musicians of all levels and offers a safe, creative, and supportive environment for songwriting and musicianship skills to develop and flourish.